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Whether you need us to find and extract the asbestos ourselves or it’s ready for fast and affordable collection, we’re here to ensure that all materials are properly disposed of in line with UK law.

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We’ll visit your premises to determine whether any materials contain asbestos. This is available to homeowners, businesses, building contractors and local authorities across the UK, guaranteeing complete peace of mind as standard


If asbestos is found on your premises, we can also remove it carefully and thoroughly. Our specialists can work on any scale, from the removal of small quantities of asbestos to the careful transit of large volumes that go into the hundreds of tonnes.


Removal is one thing and disposal is another matter entirely. This needs to be done in line with UK legislation and official documentation is crucial. We’ll manage all of this for you and guarantee compliance every step of the way


Many of our customers are surprised to hear that we also offer a reinstatement service. This means that we can project manage the repair and replacement of any walls, floors, ceilings and outbuildings that have been exposed during the removal of asbestos.

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When you require the identification, removal or disposal of asbestos, Check Asbestos will get the job done to the highest standard. Visit our contact page to get in touch via online form, email, phone or WhatsApp.