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Asbestos emergency? Call 0808 175 0296
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Scunthorpe Asbestos Surveys and Testing

Find peace of mind that your home or business environment is safe, healthy & compliant with our quick and easy asbestos surveys and testing service.
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Local asbestos surveys and asbestos testing

We understand that discovering asbestos in your property can leave you feeling anxious about the safety of the environment you live or work in.

Exposure to asbestos has long-term health implications and, in the case of businesses, failure to meet asbestos regulations can lead to prosecution by the Health & Safety Executive.

That's why we've helped 1,000s of homes and businesses in Scunthorpe, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire create safe, healthy, and compliant environments since 2014.

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What people are saying about Check Asbestos...

Check Asbestos saved us money by collecting our asbestos from site. We thought we would need a skip, so we were delighted.
Hull Homes
Fast, efficient, professional service! Results of testing received within hours of visit! Highly recommend!
Adam Hopkin
They were by far the cheapest quotation and did an excellent job taking down an asbestos garage and removing all the waste.
Paul Ashley

Surveys for homes & businesses

Residential Asbestos Surveys

Whether you are concerned if asbestos is present in your home, need a home buyers survey undertaking, or want to know how best to deal with asbestos you have already identified, we can help.
Material Testing Surveys
Residential Property Surveys

Commercial Asbestos Surveys

Businesses have a legal requirement to comply with asbestos regulations. Our suite of commercial asbestos surveys help you meet the required standards and maintain compliance.
Management Surveys
Annual Reinspection Surveys
Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys
Industrial Asbestos SurveyResidential Asbestos Survey

Where asbestos hides

In the workplace

Sprayed coatings on ceilings & walls
Loose fill insulation
Pipe lagging and fire door panels
Asbestos rope seals and gaskets
Ceiling tiles and floor tiles

In your home

Water tanks and pipe lagging
Insulation and partition walls
Textured coatings like artex
Ceiling tiles and bath panels
Externally around windows & roofs

3 simple steps to solve your asbestos problem


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With a plan in place to manage your asbestos, we'll arrange a suitable time to visit your property and undertake the necessary work.


Enjoy peace of mind

Our team will handle everything from start to finish, leaving you completely reassured that your asbestos problem has been dealt with!

Creating safe & healthy environments throughout Scunthorpe

Asbestos can damage the health of you, your family or your staff, and it can be a source of stress and worry when found in your property.

We don’t believe anyone should have to live or work in a property where asbestos is presenting a risk to their health.

Our mission is to make properties that contain asbestos in Scunthorpe, and the Yorkshire & Lincolnshire region, safe environments that meet the the latest asbestos regulations.

UKATABOHSEnvironment Agency

Asbestos Services in Scunthorpe

Frequently asked questions

Can I remove asbestos by myself?

Under no circumstances should you attempt to remove asbestos by yourself.

As stated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), asbestos removal should be carried out by a certified asbestos services company to ensure no harm comes to you, the environment, or anyone else in the vicinity.

Any attempt to remove asbestos by yourself can result in serious long-term health conditions and death. When asbestos is disturbed or damaged, dangerous fibres are released into the air which will be easily inhaled.

If you suspect there is asbestos in your property, the first step is to book an asbestos survey. You can get a fast free quote for this from our team today.

How do I check for asbestos?

Identifying asbestos in a property is more involved than simply making a visual assessment of the nature of a piece of building material. So you should always use a professional asbestos testing company to determine if your property contains asbestos.

Asbestos material testing consists of taking a small sample of material which is then tested by an external UKAS accredited lab.

Within 48-hours the lab results will provide the answer as to whether or not the sampled materials contain asbestos. Where asbestos has been identified it will need appropriately managing, and if the condition of the asbestos is not suitable to be managed, asbestos removal will be required.

What is an asbestos Risk Register?

The requirement for an asbestos risk register applies to commercial and industrial properties. It is a key component to helping you manage your asbestos and it requires updating at least once a year. This register contains;

1. Dates of regular inspections of the condition of the asbestos in the property

2. Any changes resulting in the removal of asbestos

3. Any new asbestos surveys undertaken and the locations of identified asbestos

4. A record of any deterioration of the asbestos that is present

This is a very important document to have to hand when any maintenance is taking place on the property and, whilst being a legal requirement, ensures the occupants of the property and people working on the building itself are kept safe.

Where is asbestos found in a building?

Asbestos can be found all over a residential house and is commonly found both inside and outside. Such areas include lofts, cement water tanks, pipe lagging, insulation, artex ceilings, around windows, and boilers to name a few. Outside it can be found in roofs, downpipes, and cement panels.

Industrially it can be found in the above locations and also other places such as fire doors, fire blankets, beams, and partition walls to name a few.

If you suspect there are asbestos-containing materials (ACM's) in your commercial or residential property, we recommend arranging for an appropriate asbestos survey to be carried out.

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